Welcome Change Into Your Life


What happens to you when you seem to reach the end of your rope?

And you start thinking to yourself, what have I done so wrong now to cause all this hatred toward me? Have I done everything asked?

The company I work for is being bought and I just received a pink slip as I am now no longer needed. The worries set in; How are the bills going to be paid, the rent or mortgage, electric, phone, and not to mention how are we going to put food on the table…

You come back from the doctor with a really bad diagnosis and its terminal cancer. How do you fight on? What do you tell your family, friends, and loved ones?  How do you deal with leaving young children, your spouse?

The list can go on about the disasters that can await us at every turn. You hear well-meaning friends and family say something like “God will provide”. Yeah you know that but you are in midst of crisis with trembling fears wondering why me and why now just when everything is going so well! God! How could you!!

Does any of this sound familiar?

I have tremendous faith in God and I don’t worry about things like that very much anymore. However, my faith wasn’t always that strong. I have trembled in a lot of fear, fought imaginary demons – I have been where you have been. It wasn’t until I met a man, who while not a minister, is probably one of the most God-fearing people I have ever met and I, with all my heart, know God has put him in my path to help us bring about a great change to our world.

His name is Marshall Sylver and I invite you to meet him and decide for yourself if he is the real deal or not! You will create a Turning Point in your life!

He has FREE Missing Piece to Millions events scheduled in the cities below where in just a couple of hours, he will change the way you think about business, money, and wealth. By educating people on the power of the subconscious reprogramming, he motivates people to take action now, in the present moment and change their lives in a positive way forever.

List of Cities and Dates:

Irvine, CA November 1                                                  


Registration at 6PM   

Event at 7PM

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Phoenix, AZ November 2

Venue: JW Marriott Phoenix Desert

Registration at 6PM   

Event at 7PM

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