The Stories We Tell and What They Mean to Us


The Stories We Tell

Everyone has stories even if they don’t think they do.

Some are funny tidbits of their lives like the time someone shook up a liter of Dr. Pepper and opened it while giving it to you.

Some are memorial stories like the birth of their child, ask any parent about the birth of their child(ren). Some are weddings, just ask any blushing bride (always wondering about that, are they thinking about the wedding or the wedding night)

Some are sad like the death of a parent, spouse, child, brother, sister, close family member/friend where tears filled your eyes for days and you plead with God to help you through the endless sorry.

Some are thrills like your first roller coaster ride, swearing the whole time you would never do it again… but you’re the first in line to ride again.

Some are sense of accomplishments like riding your bike the first time without training wheels, getting your driver’s license and driving alone the first time, getting your first kiss (Thanks Tim Mcgraw).

The list goes on and on.  But the one thing that is common throughout the stories… is you!

It’s you that make the stories real, make the stories worth telling, reliving, sharing.

It’s you the living, The greatest of all in creation.

What stories are you going to tell?

It’s your choice, choose wisely

It’s you who makes the choices, God only lays the options (blessings). He doesn’t make you do anything (or the devil for that matter). Its your responsibility to listen to the small still voice with discernment to make the right choice.

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