Rust Out or Burnout on Your Dreams? Your Choice!


Chasing the Dream

We all have dreams we’re after.  Some want to get rich, some want to travel the world, and there are others who just want to live the life they want.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.  Some have already made it, some are still chasing it, while others are simply waiting for life to make their dreams come true for them.  Those who have made their dreams come true must have done something different from those who haven’t.  The good news is life is not like baseball where you’re given three strikes before you get booted out.  Life offers a never-ending supply of opportunities and chances and it’s only up to us how we can take advantage.

When you dream of achieving something, imagining it is not enough.  Remember that dreams without action is only a wish.  The keyword is ACTION.  What are you doing to realize those dreams?  How are you chasing your dreams? Are you doing anything at all to make it happen?


3Rs and Go

Rehearse, Review, Revise.  You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to get it going!

That’s how life should be.  You just have to get back up every time you fall.

There will definitely be roadblocks along the way and that’s fine.  There’s no such thing as overnight success because success takes time.  We’re all bound to fail and there’s nothing wrong if we do because failure is part of life.  You can’t stay safe all the time.  You have to take risks.  You have to take chances and if you fail at some point, you have to charge it to experience because without failure, there won’t be growth.

It’s better to do something and fail than stay in front of the television all day long waiting for something to happen.

What’s Your Story?

We’re all technically writers in our own right because we are in charge of how our stories unfold.  Life is an unfinished book and we are in charge of how the story develops and eventually, how the story ends.

One of my main goals everyday is to make at least one person smile or laugh.  That’s how my story goes because when I reach the end of this wonderful journey called life, I would like to look back and have no regrets as to how I wrote my story.

In the event that I don’t make my dreams come true, well, in a sense, I still did and I did it through the people I’ve met, smiled with, laughed with, and cried with.  In the final analysis, it’s not really about how much money you made, how many cars you have or how popular you are.  It’s the lives that you touched that matters.  It’s the difference you’ve made in people’s lives that count.

So be mindful and make the right choice because life is not about the destination.  It’s about the journey.

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